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Copyrights Registrations in Pune

  • Secure everything that you have created in the form of artwork
  • Obtain Official Registration Certificate from Government of India
  • Get diary number of Copyright within 1 Hour from anywhere in India
  • Apply for copyright of Literary & Artistic work, Paintings, Lyrics, Scripts & Softwares
  • You can also secure Sound recording & Musical work, Cinematograph Film & Videos
  • Get a dedicated service manager for your requirement.


(All Inclusive – Per Application)


PRICERs. 4,500/-Rs. 5,500/- Rs. 8,500/-
Inclusive of Government Fees & TaxesYesYesYes
Literary & Artistic work, Paintings, Lyrics, Scripts & SoftwareYesNoNo
Sound Recording and Musical Work NoYesNo
Cinematograph Film & Videos NoNoYes

Steps for copyright registration :

Fill the information Form

Tell our executives about the work that you would like to get the copyright registration certificate for.


Based on the work to be copyrighted, we will provide you with a detailed quotation and timeframe process.


We help you prepare the documents required for the copyright application online.


Our experts will draft your Copyright Application, generate the forms and diary number and send it to you via email.


After sending you all the documents, we will guide you with the final process of sending the material to the government office.

  • Protect any written content you have.
  • We protect and copyright music video, music audio, lyrics, software’s, books, artworks etc
  • Get the diary number in one hour
  • Get dedicated relationship manager to help you with all doubts

Process of Trademark registration after filing the TM application

1. New Application

New copyright application is verified for clearing the necessary formalities according to the government rules

2. Work awaited

The office waits to receive the work send through Post that is to be copyright along with the forms generated by us in previous process

3. Waiting

According to the copyright act 1957, there is a mandatory duration of 30days for every application post that is processed

4. Scrutiny

Here the copyright application KS queued to process and soon is updated with next status

5. Discrepent

If any queries encounters then the copyright office send us through email to which we file a legal reply to get the application processed further

6. Hearing

The hearing takes place based on our legal reply ,to decide that the application to be registered or not

7. Registration

After the hearing, application gets accepted, then is issued with a copyright registration certificate

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